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Product Details:
Original artwork design by artist Lisa Leskien. 
Spafford Health and Adventure is pleased to introduce this first collaboration with Lisa, and hope to continue with additional pieces of custom design gear in the future.
Perfect for high intensity activities in all seasons including running, snowshoe running and nordic skiing. 
This 'wearable art' Head ’n Neck Tube is a multifunctional item that can be worn in several different ways including as a beanie, bandana, headband, neck tube, and even a handheld strap to hold onto your water bottle. Made of tech fabric for its wicking properties, it will help keep you cool on warm days, and warm on cool days. 
The design is an original piece of artwork taken from the painting 'Dashing through the Snow' by Lisa Leskien. The original painting, and many others, are also available for purchase directly from Lisa.
Technical Specs:
100% polyester tech fabric for excellent wicking properties. 
Shipping Rates:
$4.99 for 1-2 tubes.

$15.00 shipping for 3 or more tubes.

'Dashing through the Snow' Original Art Tube Headwear

  • Lisa Leskien’s Bio:
    After studying studio art and earning a Fine Art degree from York University, Lisa put her art on hold to pursue her teaching career. She has since returned to painting with a passion and has had her work displayed in a couple of different galleries, and has sold numerous paintings including specific commissioned pieces of work. Many of Lisa’s ideas for her work come from exploring the trails as a competitive trail, ultra and snowshoe runner. Lisa is also a running coach and race director at Spafford Health and Adventure. 
    Lisa’s new website, where you’ll be able to see all of her work, will be launched soon. You can also find Lisa on Instagram

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